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Wild but Gentleman
bouncingbabybrony: fun fact my best friend in the entire world moved 2000 kilometres away to melbourne and she saw your show and gave you a bracelet i made (it said bae. i called it a baecelet) and even though i was very far away and unable to see u i feel like we are united through stories about your performance (amazing, or so i hear) and crappy baecelets. also u took pictures of my friend lilys face. (she has an a+ face :--)


well in a nice turn of events i am WEARING IT AS WE SPEAK thanks bae!!


why does the road have to get tough … 


shopping for clothes is only fun when you’re rich and skinny

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teacher: alright, since no one is raising their hands i’m gonna pick people


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Can someone please tell me the point of Jocasta’s bowties?



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